Karger Publishers

Karger Publishers, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, is a globally active publishing house in health sciences. It is independent and family-run in the fourth generation by Chairwoman and Publisher Gabriella Karger. Committed to “Connecting and Advancing Health Sciences”, Karger Publishers helps to carry the spark of great ideas and findings with knowledge that matters and experiences that make a difference – a spark which it aims to spread both within the scientific community as well as to clinicians and patients. The company puts great emphasis on direct and personal relationships with all of its partners.

The Karger publishing program for the research community encompasses over 100 peer-reviewed journals, including a growing number of Gold and Platinum Open Access journals. Over 200 editors-in-chief affiliated with important clinical or research centers ensure the high scientific standard of the publications. They are supported by around 5,000 editorial board members and close to 10,000 independent experts acting as peer reviewers.

Karger’s booklist contains well over 9,000 titles, with a focus on review-type series and volumes. The research-oriented portfolio is published predominantly in English, reflecting the international character of the scientific community. All of Karger’s content is also available in appropriate digital formats.

Increasingly, scientists will be able to turn to Karger along the whole research cycle and not just when they are ready to publish their results. One example of this is the cooperation with the biomedical discovery company Quertle. This company provides integrated discovery from research sources for the health sciences community. Rather than relying on metadata, Quertle uses Artificial Intelligence, including neural networks and other modern technologies, to analyze document text directly. This enables more effective and powerful discovery that immediately finds relevant results. More services and partnerships in the Open Research space will be announced soon.

Karger Publishers also supports the knowledge transfer from scientific research to clinical practice through its “Karger Clinical” and “Karger Healthcare Clients” businesses. The portfolio for clinicians is centered around the Karger Kompass journal series, the Fast Facts handbook series and, most recently, a number of endeavors in the area of clinical decision support and educational application space. Knowledge transfer to patients and their caregivers is achieved by using guidebooks, doctor-patient interaction material, and topic-specific online content.

Karger Publishers is an independent Swiss publishing company with 240 employees worldwide. S. Karger AG consists of the publishing company Karger Publishers (est. 1890) and the International Subscription Agency Karger Libri (est. 1960). Chairwoman and Publisher Gabriella Karger leads the publishing company and S. Karger AG together with CEO Daniel Ebneter and COO Andre Janssen. In addition to the company headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and subsidiaries in Freiburg, Germany and Abingdon, United Kingdom, there are Karger regional offices or representatives in Australia, China, France, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, the Russian Federation, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Karger is a major shareholder of Quertle, a biomedical discovery company.

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