Placing an order of Pearson & Elsevier books on is quick and easy. New customers, when checking out, can create an account at the same time. Once you have an account, you will not have to re-enter this information when making your next purchase on .


1.     Adding Items to Your Cart

To shop at, just locate an item you'd like to purchase and click the 'Add to Cart' button. This button is usually found beside featured products, on product pages, and search results pages. Clicking this button places the item in your Cart.

Each time you click 'Add to Cart', the page will refresh and display the newest item in your Cart, as well as previous items. You can click on 'View Cart' at any time to see the items already placed by you on in the Cart. You then have the option to 'Continue Shopping' or to 'Checkout'.

2.     Checking Out

If you wish to exercise the 'Checkout' option you are taken to our 'Login/Register' page, where returning customers can sign in to their accounts using their email id and password, and new customers can create their account to complete their orders.

3.     Creating an Account

At this point, if you are a new customer you will be able to create an account. Provide your name and email address, create a password, re-enter the password to create your account. You can then continue with checkout.

4.     Entering a Shipping Address

We'll ask you to provide a Shipping Address for the order that you are placing it will be set as your default Shipping Address. You can then go back to do some more shopping or save the information that you have entered and proceed to checkout. 

5.     Entering a Billing Address

If your Billing Address is Different from the Shipping address provided by you, you'll be asked to enter it. If it is the same as your Shipping Address just check the box which states that and the Billing Information will be filled in for you. You can click on 'Checkout' or go 'Back' to change any information that you need to.

6.     Reviewing Your Order

You are now shown your Order details, which include Mode of Payment, Shipping Address, Billing Address, Shipping Charges and your total Order Cost. You can go 'Back' to change any information you choose to or go ahead and 'Place Your Order'.


Parama Publishers & Distributors, a sister organization of Hakkani Publishers (one of the oldest and most revered publishing houses of Bangladesh) is managed by a Board of Directors comprising two members – Golam Mustafa, Managing Director, Ms. Kawsar Parvin, Director.

Parama Publishers & Distributors, headquartered at Dhanmondi, Dhaka Bangladesh and incorporated in the year 1977, is the Bangladeshi marketing and distribution arm of leading international publishers based out of USA, UK and India.

It is the exclusive distributor of Karger and Taylor & Francis in Bangladesh and a channel partner of Nature Publishing Group (imprints - Palgrave Connect, Macmillan Medical Communications, Scientific American, Scientific American Mind and Neo Spectrum of Science) and Alphanumera, India.

Parama Publishers & Distributors is shortly embarking upon a publishing program of their own with an aim to publishing low cost high quality text & reference books in the fields of science, technology, medicine, business, humanities & social sciences.

We regularly participate in book purchase tenders of govt. institutions, and are the largest supplier of books (national and international) to govt. /public libraries, medical & engineering colleges, public and private universities and pharmaceutical companies across all disciplines.

We represent Karger, Taylor and Francis, Oxford University Press, Nature and Alphanumera in Bangladesh but can procure and supply books published by any foreign/international publisher against advance/firm orders.